run for LITTLE hearts

I did it! I still can’t believe it. I FINALLY pulled the trigger on my CHD Awareness Run!

run for LITTLE hearts 10K/5K/Kids Dash on May 4, 2014 (Kansas City, MO)

After Chloe was born in 2008, the very first thing I had wanted to do was organize a 5K for CHD. I had participated in a few 5Ks back then and I thought it would be something fun and easy to throw together. I remember I had called different venues, looking for a location, researched what was needed to put on a great race…..and I got discouraged….FAST. It looked way harder than I thought. It appeared to be very expensive. And with all of the time I was putting into Chloe’s Law, I just knew I couldn’t do both the way I wanted, with 110% effort. So I forgot about the 5K and focused everything onto Chloe’s Law.

Since then, I’ve dabbled in a few fundraisers, trying to raise money for CHD, but they never really made an impact. Folks outside of my inner circle never felt inspired to participate.

Over the last few years, I’ve signed up for more 5Ks, 10Ks, Half Marathons and Triathlons…raising CHD Awareness along the way…and I’ve paid attention. I’ve also had the privilege of being on the volunteer side of a local Triathlon in honor and memory of a great friend…an amazing experience that I look forward to every year.

Fast forward over 4 years later. This past summer, I found myself (on numerous occasions) telling friends that I had once contemplated putting on a 5K for CHD. When they asked me why I never did it, I answered with a ton of excuses – it was such a time commitment, what if no one showed up, it’s so much hard work, what if something goes wrong, etc.

Then I realized that it could be awesome. It could be fun. And if I failed, at least I tried and I won’t be 80 years old telling Chloe how I “once considered organizing a 5K for CHD”. I figured it was now or never!

So I went for it!

Now that I am a non-profit organization, I am SO EXCITED to promote awareness for Congenital Heart Defects in an athletic and family friendly atmosphere! All proceeds will be donated to CHD Families Association, a local volunteer based 501c3 that supports over 500 heart families (like mine) in the MO/KS area.

For those of you that live far away, check out my Virtual Runner option! You register for the race as a Virtual Runner and “commit” to running for CHD on May 4, 2014. You can run inside on a treadmill or outside with a big group of family and friends. You will be running with us in spirit that day. I have a special Virtual Runner photo slideshow set up on my race website, so be sure to send in your selfies! A race shirt and finishers medal will be mailed to you after the race.

As always, I appreciate the love and support I receive from the many heart families around the world! It’s going to be an amazing day!



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