Chloe’s little sister Kenna – 1st birthday!

This Saturday we will celebrate Kenna’s first birthday! The year has literally flown by!

This week I find myself reflecting a lot on Kenna’s first year, and how very different it has been compared to Chloe’s first year. Not a good different. Not a bad different. Just different.

Chloe’s first year was filled with happiness, surprise, anxiety, laughter, stress, relief and pure joy…..mix all that together and we are a very blessed family!

Kenna’s first year was filled with basically no stress and pure joy! And again, we are a very blessed family.

When Kenna was born, it was like I became a new Mom again. One without hospitalizations, doctor visits, feeding tubes and oxygen tanks. One that had to learn how to bottle feed and actually leave the house with an infant. One who didn’t spend every minute of naptime researching medical terms on the internet.

I’m definitely not complaining! Just describing the difference. Two different daughters, two different experiences. I wouldn’t trade either experience for the world. I’m very thankful for both.

Chloe (and the birth defects she was born with) have taught me so much. I’ve always considered myself a pretty strong person, but her first year was the ultimate challenge. She helped me to trust my instincts completely, stop sweating the small stuff and led me to finally discover a real passion – raising awareness for CHD.

Kenna has taught me just as much. She has brought back a little of the “old” me, has relaxed my “helicopter mom” chaos and healed a few wounds in the process.

I love both my girls with every inch of my being. My hope for them is that they grow up to be confident, strong, independent, secure and honest women and live up to their fullest potential… well as becoming the best of friends. I play a major role in that dream for them. I hope I don’t let them down.


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